The opening track and first single, “Crime Scene Queen,” from our forthcoming album, Valley of Abandoned Songs, which will be released on June 27th on Conor Oberst’s new record label, Million Stars!!

“A few years ago, I started revisiting old demos that had never seen the light of day and recordings that hadn’t found a home on previous albums, and I started thinking of them as the Valley of Abandoned Songs,” explains Ian Felice. “At a certain point, I realized that I had a particular group of tunes that worked really well as an album, and so I shared it with Conor, along with my idea to post it online, but he immediately texted back that he loved it so much he wanted to start a new record label just to put it out.” 

About signing the band to his new label, Conor Oberst adds: “I first encountered the Felice Brothers in 2007 after being given some of their music by a friend. I liked it a lot, but there was something I couldn’t put my finger on—singular and mysterious. An iconoclastic version of what some lazy people call “Americana”. I subsequently met them and played shows together. They became some of my best friends, family, really. I put out two of their records on the label I co-owned at the time, called Team Love. Then we started to perform together with them as my backing band and made a record of mine called Salutations. Needless to say, I love this band, and when I asked that horrible question, ‘Who is your favorite band?’ I always answer ‘The Felice Brothers.’ So when Ian sent me this new collection of songs and told me they just planned to put it up on the internet, I kind of flipped out, because they were so goddamn good. And then I did something I swore I would never do again: I started a new record label. This is my third. It is called Million Stars, and I am so proud to say the new Felice Brothers album is our first release. I can’t quit them. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.”

Preorder our album and new merchandise at Million Stars. Thank you all!!

New record, Asylum on the Hill, available on Bandcamp today (12/15/23)!!!

Felice Brothers Asylum on the hill album cover

We released a new record, it’s called Asylum On The Hill. This album will only be available on Bandcamp. Please spread the word!

This album was recorded with our good friend and engineer/producer Nate Wood, in a little church that we converted into a studio. It is a collection of songs about magical automobiles, various deformities of the heart and mind, red geraniums that have grown monstrously large and powerful, and other such themes.

Please don’t buy this record and put it on YouTube or we’ll put a curse on you which will be hard to undo. 🙂 We have another forthcoming album coming summer of 2024 which will have a wider release and be available on all the streaming platforms that don’t pay musicians anything.

As always, thanks so much for the support! We appreciate you!
Love, The Felice Brothers
Cover art: Ian Felice

From Dreams To Dust  Your choice: Digital Download, Compact Disc or First Edition Two-Tone Cream/Dusty Red Vinyl.

Check out the singles: Silverfish (below) or listen to Silverfish, Jazz on the Autobahn, or Inferno, streaming everywhere.




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